Sometimes conflict can happen in the most unlikely of places. Personally, for me, it occurred in a planning meeting. Innocuous as one would seem, tempers fly and people get heated.

I often wonder what it looks like to have true Christ-like conflict. I’m sure the bitter feelings afterwards wouldn’t happen, or the anger, or the distrust. Often times in the Bible it says that we are “brothers and sisters” in Christ – and what do we know about brother’s and sister’s, folks?! They fight. A lot. I mean, sure, you’ll get the odd sibling-set that doesn’t fight or say anything mean to one another, but those are one in a million cases.

So why does the Bible use the brother/sister imagery to depict it’s believers? Maybe because in any group of people, people will get heated, hurt, bossy, mean, or bullying.

I believe it has to do with the fact that while brother’s and sister’s may squabble, at the end of the day they love each other. They share a bond that is hard to break. They are their first friends. And the Love of our Father binds us together as He patiently seeks to make our hearts more like His.

As we look to how to resolve conflict with our brothers and sisters, we need to keep what Christ has to say at the forefront of our minds.



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