Edification of the Saved

I have had a lot of internal struggles lately.

I have a group of 40-50 non-Christian friends, or some who claim a bit of faith, but no relationship with Jesus. And we talk, constantly. I’m one of the only people in our group who is following Jesus and so a lot of time there will be negative talk about Christian’s and Christianity in general, and it is very eye-opening to see how we are perceived to the non-Christian community.

It’s not flattering, people.

They see us in a completely different light, and our “Christian” culture items (movies, mainstream music, items) come under scrutiny on a regular basis. The favorite mock-piece is anything produced or published by Kirk Cameron. And after seeing what they are looking at – it is very…Surface level.

There is zero depth to what we as Christian’s are consuming, and if this is our portrayal of Christ to others, what are we trying to drive home? Messages over-simplified as to allure the new believer? Or a feel-good movie for the more mature believer so that we have “quality” content that we can watch.

As someone who is in contact with non-Christian’s so much, I am beside myself by the things we say are “wonderful” or “amazing” in our Christian culture. What we are producing is something for Christians, but in reality, it’s not going to get anyone closer to Christ.

Even one I really DID appreciate (The Shack) was lackluster in it’s answers that they gave to the poor mourning father. Questions that my friends are constantly asking, “If God is so good, why would x, y, z, happen?” And I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the answer, a thoughtful engagement. Instead a pithy answer was given and the plot moved along.

I’m tired of “the plot moving along”. I want someone to give substantial answers, so when the inevitable review comes out, that my friend’s get to that point and go, “oh, that makes sense.” Instead of mocking the insincerity of the point.

Are we seeking to save the lost or are we seeking to save the saved? The image that keeps coming to my mind is that of coast guards rescuing people. They pull ten people out of the water with life savers, they get them on the deck of the ship, and then continue to give them lifesavers instead of throwing them into the water to save the rest of the people.

Saved people don’t need to be saved. So why do our “Christian” answers not reflect that?

I’ll continue to ponder this, and my lack of answers as well.


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