When death was arrested

We have been faced in our community with a young life lost – in a tragic accident a happy holiday will forever be shifted for a family.

We stood beside them and watched their immense strength in the face of this trial. Even though they shed tears, they remained level, optimistic and a light in their darkest times.

I recently listened to Rend Collective’s newest song, “Weep with me”, and one of the lyrics goes as such:

“What was true in the light,
is still true in the dark.”

When we walk through the high-times in life. When things are going well, when everything just FITS, we are rejoicing in the good things of God. But do we still have the confidence in who God has shown Himself to be even in the dark times?

God remains the same in every situation. Our hope remains solely in who He is. Not in our circumstances. God doesn’t change because a medical test came back better than we hoped, or when a new baby is born, or when we are burying our babies. God remains faithful, ever-loving, ever faithful and ever kind.

And He does weep with us. He cares for our hearts and what when we suffer. God is always with us.

And while this song was originally about the tragedy that continues to plague Europe, it applies to so much of life, death, tragedy and misfortune.

We were faced with the what-if’s of a tragedy, what-if that same thing happened to us? What if we as parents found ourselves in the same shoes? Previously any time I had gone down the dark path of “what-if” it always led to a panic-inducing place where my heart would run away before my brain could catch up. I’ve seen people lose children before, it has always been life shattering devastation and I expected no less if that awful thing ever happened to us.

But something changed in my heart and mind after being with this family.

Death wasn’t the end.

Death was leading to LIFE. Life in Jesus, and an ever present need to seek life for OTHERS. In the moments that they spoke sweet life into friends and family in the cold waiting room as their child was prepared for burial, LIFE began to spring up all around. Death wasn’t the end as so many of us perceive it, even us Bible believing Christians we can see death as the end.

That’s not what Jesus intended for His believers. We were to live life, abundantly, He took on death and He arrested it (if you haven’t heard “Death was Arrested” you are living under a rock), so that we could live life eternally and with eternity in mind.

While so many people are crushed on the immeasurable weight of death, my hope is that I will stand firm in who God is, in the light and in the dark.


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